Comparison of Expanded Metal Materials

Carbon Steel Expanded Metal  
Carbon steel as the most popular materials for expanded metal, find the most varies specifications and applications. Standard expanded metal steel can be made into hexagonal opening, diamond opening and square opening in a variety of sheet thickness and opening sizes.

Stainless steel, as well as aluminum and a variety of alloys of copper, nickel, silver, titanium and other metals serves as major materials for expanded metals. Because expanded metal is made from a solid sheet of metal, it can never unravel. The metal strands forming the open diamonds permit light, heat, air, liquids and sound to pass through yet present a virtually un-penetrable barrier to intruders.
Galvanized Expanded Metal  
Galvanized expanded metal mesh has the features of corrosion resistance and longer work time compared with common expanded metal steel sheets.
 Aluminum Expanded Metal  

Aluminum expanded metal is an extraordinary versatile material with thousands of uses. This kind of metal mesh is mainly used as in making of battery, protection fences, grids and grills, etc.