Application of Expanded Mesh Products

Expand metal mesh has a wide application:

Fencing for the garden, back yard, residential and industrial facilities,
Floor treads, stairs, transport vehicles, construction machinery, cranes, mining, etc.,
Expand metal for the seat belts and other rotating parts,
Screening for the milling, bakery and food industry,
Production in the electrical industry protective mesh, batteries, grounding plates, which include heating protection, masks, electric water heaters,
In radio and television industry, including speaker and microphone,
In light industry for the protection of instruments, all kinds of support, in the cloakroom on the shelves, billboards, trash, towels, etc.,
For the boxes and pallets used for the transport of goods,
In the automotive industry for automotive furnace, tractors and filter,
In the construction industry, steel, walls and roofs, reinforced on the asphalt road, factory floor, and so on.

Expanded mesh also used in automotive:
Air filters, oil filters, and exhaust muffler, front grille and exterior parts, etc.

Insulation panels, thermal insulation panels, acoustical panel for construction, sound insulation panels for vehicles, marine soundproof panels, and exterior building.

Sorter (screening):
Agricultural seeds and grain, coal, sand, gravel mining, chemicals for drug equalization studies, etc.

Back home boiler exhaust, kitchen, plants, plant, dust box, etc.


Food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, mining, ceramics, etc.